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Dongguan Yongsheng Packing Products Co., Ltd. established in year 2003 as a direct manufacturer of packaging products. Main products including oxo-degradable plastic bags, various types of regular and composite polybags , masking tape, high temperature tapes, industry tapes, protective film, membrane products and services. 


Clean working condition, equipped with dust-free workshop to ensure product quality. Strictly follow Quality Management System ISO9001 and Quality management System 14021 requirements. Products certified by Reach, RoHS, HF.


Single used plastic is causing plastic waste crisis.

We are Saudi Arabia & UAE national standards SASO and ECAS authorized oxo-degradable plastic packing material manufacturer. Oxo based material are the same as regular plastic during their useful life, you will not notice a difference until they meets the set shelflife and exposed to UV light starting degration.

Meanwhile, we are Textile Exchange organization RCS (Recycled Claim Standard ) member, we provide recycled packaging solution. Recycling Plastics Saves Landfill Space. Recycling one ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.


Our factory covers a land area of 5000 square meters, 17 years¡¯ experience in plastic packing products. Production capacity for tapes: 2-3million square meters per month; capacity for polybags: 200tons/month. 

Our facility is growing to meet current and future customer needs. Located in Dongguan, the city known as the world¡¯s factory, with convenient transportation access by road, air or by sea. Our facility, capacity and well trained staff will provide you professional solution and timely delivery.


Your Green Packaging Provider !

We are looking forward to seeing you here.

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Skype: ys06@dg-yongsheng.com

Mobile/Wechat/WhatsApp: +8613725886995

Mail: ys06@dg-yongsheng.com

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