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Foam mounting tape
  Item:  YS-JZ-04
  MAT.:  Foam
  Color:  white
  Spec.:  on requirements
  Price:  Interviews
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Product Details

1. Foam mounting tapes are widely used in the packing of lithium cell, transformers, circuit boards, SMT tin stoves, resistor-capacitor,  anodic oxidation, and such industrial products.

2. Teflon adhesive tapes are made based on fluorine resin glass cloth, coated with poly-hydrocarbon silicone adhesive. and takes brown, black, white as the main colors.

    Telfon adhesive tapes are widely used in the sealing of bags, the rolls of slasher, the stripping of thermoplastic, and heating the knife of packaging machines.

3. Mara tapes is also named Mylar tapes. it's a single-sided tape, based on polyester film. it's widely used, as insulated material, in transformers, motors, capacitors, and other electrical machines,electronic components.

4. Kapoton tapes is also named polyimide tape, based on polyimide film. it's widely used in printed circuit boards, SMT tin stoves, lithium cell, transformers, and other industrial process.

Product type:  Foam mounting tapes
Raw material:  Foam
Thickness:  2mm
Width:  20mm
Adhesion:  /
Tensile:  /
Temperature Resistance:  /
Color:  white
Sample:  Free in 5 rolls
Packing way:  Polybag and carton



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