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5A-3 protective film
  Item:  5A-3
  MAT.:  PE
  Color:  Ultra clear
  Spec.:  500mm*200yards
  Price:  Interviews
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Product Details

Our PE protective film has good adsorption and adhesion. Based on anti-scratch processing, our protective film are widely usded in LCD surface, acrylic sheet, car's coating and some of electronic products.

Our PE protective film's features:

1. Ultra clear

2. Easy stick

3. Light adhesive

4. No residual adhesive

5. Be good at waterproof, weatherproof and acid-base properties.

Item name: ultra clear PE protective film
Based material: PE Glue type: Acrylic
Based thickness: 25~125um Release lay's thickness: 25~100um
Glue thickness: 5~25um Adhesion: 2~1000 G/25mm
Max width: 1300mm Standard width: 1100mm
Standard length: 200mm Anti-static treatment: Adhesive side and Based film
Color: Clear, Blue, White and Black Special property: Anti-static,anti-fingerprint,harden and printable on the surface
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