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What's the degradable plastic bags? 
update:2020-6-1 9:15:09
1. The plastic bags that conform to the national standard GB/ t21661-2008 are called environment-friendly plastic bags, which include recycled plastic bags and fresh plastic bags.In the process of producing plastic bags, the plastic bags with degraded master materials are called degradable plastic bags. After 90 days of degradation, the plastic bags can decompose automatically under certain conditions.Bags made from plastic film are collectively referred to as plastic bags. We commonly use plastic bags as follows: convenience bags, supermarket bags, carrier bags, flat bags, plastic bags, horse straps and industrial bags.

2. A plastic bag that can dissolve quickly when exposed to sunlight and moisture.By the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center of the test, the product indicators all meet or exceed the national quality standards, with health, non-toxic, pollution-free and other characteristics, is one of the most advanced environmental protection products.This kind of biodegradable plastic bag is produced by using non-toxic polyolefin resin and adding decomposant and other raw materials.Its appearance has brought hope for reducing or eliminating white pollution.

3. Plastic bags that can be recycled again after use.

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