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What are the configurations of these membranes? 
update:2020-6-16 10:13:55
There are many kinds of composite film, from the conventional sense to answer the word is: 2 or more than 2 kinds of monolayer materials, through glue or hot pressing and other ways combined into a visual film; Common ones like PET+PE,OPP+CPP, PA+PE, etc. The reason for adopting composite film is to combine the functions of various materials to make up for each other. For example, PA has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, but it has no heat sealing performance. PE has the characteristics of good heat sealing performance, but not high temperature resistance, so put PA outside, PE inside, with glue in the middle. In this way, the outer PA is high temperature resistant and the inner PE has heat sealing property, so the vacuum bag can be made.Of course, PA not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, but also has the characteristics of oxygen barrier and puncture resistance, which are retained after compounding.
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