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How to distinguish PP,PET, PVC film? 
update:2020-7-1 16:53:42
Sensory identification: white transparent compared with LDPE transparency is higher, there is a sound when rubbing. Combustion identification: the flame is yellow and blue when burning, the smell is like oil, melting dripping, no black smoke when burning, easy to draw wire.

Sensory identification: this product is white and transparent. It feels hard and has a sound when rubbing. It looks like PP. Combustion identification: there is black smoke when burning, the flame has the phenomenon of jumping fire, the surface of the material after burning black carbonization, finger kneading the black carbonization after burning, carbide powder form, easy to draw wire.

Sensory identification: very EVA like appearance but elastic. Combustion identification: black smoke when burning, out of the fire, the burning surface is black, no melting dripping phenomenon, there is a pungent acid taste.
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